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Hi! I'm Jon, and this is my home page. Welcome!

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I was born in 1981, in Leuven, Belgium. I have a PhD in Computer Science from KU Leuven. Since 2016, I work for Cloudinary, doing research related to image processing and compression. Currently I live in Asse, Belgium, with my better half and three wonderful daughters.

Image Compression


In JPEG, I co-chair the JPEG XL adhoc group. JPEG XL is based on a combination of Google's PIK and Cloudinary's FUIF. Free and open-source JPEG XL reference software is available.


Together with Pieter Wuille, I created the Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF).

Check out my blog posts on the Cloudinary blog.


I've been a vegetarian for about 25 years. Not that I particularly like animals, or want to save the planet (that would be nice, but I don't think consumer boycotts are the best way to do that). It's just that to my sense of gastronomy, the concept of putting animal corpses on a plate has never been appetizing, even when the carcass has been cooked or otherwise processed.

Red stylized fist Politics

I am a democratic socialist, inspired by the political analyses of a.o. Marx and Trotsky. Since 2003, I'm a member of the Belgian section LSP-PSL of International Socialist Alternative (ISA).


I amateurishly . I also make stuff in Amiga-style trackers.

Some songs I wrote:



21 Feb 2012


11 Sept 2013


1 July 2015


I'm a non-militant atheist.

Flying Spaghetti Monster


Some games I wrote for the Pandora:

Old stuff

Here are some links to old/outdated pages:

xkcd comic on digital data degradation


I wrote a book. It's an epic optimistic-dystopian feminist pornographic hard-SF adventure, written in Dutch (~95k words). If you're a publisher (or screenwriter) and interested in translating (or adapting) it, please contact me.


The easiest way to contact me is via Twitter (@jonsneyers). Alternatively, you can email me ( if it's related to image compression, otherwise). I have accounts on linkedin and facebook but rarely check them.


This page was made with a plain old text editor, just me typing some HTML and CSS. If anything is wrong with it, or can be improved, feel free to let me know.

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