Automatic Pop Composer And Learner of Parameters

APOPCALEAPS is a system for automatic pop music generation and learning, implemented in CHRiSM, which is in turn based on a combination of CHR and PRISM. The user interface of APOPCALEAPS was made using fltk; its output is rendered using LilyPond.

Aim of the project

The goal of the APOPCALEAPS project is to create a personal automatic music generator. The user creates music, selects the examples that are good according to his or her taste, and then these selected examples are used as a training set for learning. After several iterations, the result is a music generator that produces personalized music. The following figure illustrates the main concept:

Overview of the APOPCALEAPS system

Current state of the project

Version 0.3: Automatic learning from previously generated songs now works.

Version 0.2: Unreleased intermediate version.

Version 0.1: Only the first step of the process is fully functional: the music generation. Automatic training works in principle but not yet in practice.

Download APOPCALEAPS 0.3 here: apopcaleaps_0.3.tar.gz